Buhari: “I was scared to contest in the 2015 Presidential elections”


President Muhammadu Buhari while meeting with APC leaders expressed his fears of contesting in the 2015 Presidential   elections.

The president was scared of failures of which he was now almost used to after failing four previous times in the run to become the president of the country. Speaking further during the breaking of the Ramadan fast with APC leaders, Buhari urged APC stake holders to drop their influence and help his mandate achieve its manifesto.

“No matter the level you are, drop your influence so that we can help achieve the manifesto – security, economy, employment and corruption- because if we don‘t kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. We have to ensure that people we bring forward are those that will move the society forward.

I always like to go down the memory lane to show how lucky we are as a political group. At no stage was the decision taken by chance, it was all deliberate. The leaders of the parties felt the only way to wrest power from the PDP was for us to come together. I, in particular, was scared after previous failures of the elections of 2003, 2007 and 2011.

We dissolved our various parties to form APC, then we applied to INEC, for once I was grateful to INEC. We had gone with nine people to INEC to apply and INEC advised us that we needed at least 25 people to form a political party. We were able to go back and raised 35 members across the country and then successfully registered the party. INEC then informed the federal government that we have met the requirements hence we cannot be denied registration. Many doubting Thomases said merger had never succeeded in Nigeria but here we are. I went into this long explanation so that you will appreciate how far we have come and for a society as ours, if we respect the constitution, then all the greed and problems will be a thing of the fast.” The president said.

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