Bursted: Ex-Yahoo Boy Spills Secrets Behind Operations

Yahoo Boys-Internet fraudstersAs we all know in Nigeria the term “Yahoo or G” no longer signifies Internet services company but rather is used to connote internet fraudsters.

About a year ago, there were rumors in the “Yahoo World” that a new dimension which involved using a friends destiny to make quick money or to have a successful operation in swindling people.

The new invention was termed “G-Plus” or “Yahoo Plus”.

Very recently, a raid by the EFCC at a club in Lagos saw them arrest 12 internet fraudsters while seizing about 10 cars belonging to some.

The raid sparked wide outrage on social media with a divided debate on whether internet fraudsters should be pardoned (since they are trying to make a livelihood) or persecuted for carrying out another form of stealing/crime.

For those who think they should be pardoned, below is a confessional post from a former Yahoo boy who detailed some unimaginable things they do for money.

Read screenshot below:

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