From Helper to Enemy, the Story of Dolapo (Ojuelegba Sharwama) and Badt Boi (Influencer)

Dolapo-shawarma-influencerWhat looked like a perfect story depicting the positive effect of social media seems to have taken the opposite direction, as a helper has turned to be an enemy.

The success story of Dolapo (Ojuelegba Sharwama) is one which most social media users are familiar with but for those who are new to the story, you can click on the link to be up to date.

Dolapo was a road side sharwama seller who came to limelight after social media influencer @badt_BOI_ posted pictures of him patronising him on one occasion.

The pictures and Dolapo himself made waves on microblogging platform, Twitter and some kind hearted Nigerians began raising funds for him to set up his own business.

Subsequently @badt_BOI_ offered to be his social media manager and also own 20% of the business or so.

Well, seems everything has gone south as Dolapo’s family has pressured him into terminating the business with badt_BOI_.

Below are details of the full story as shared by badt_BOI_ :

So here’s why I took my hands off @DolaposS as his Manager and social media manager.
PS: I didn’t want to do this but I noticed he has started making me look bad to some people, and words fly.

Dolapo called me on Sunday and said that he wanted to have a conversation with me, that we should meet up on Monday, I told him okay.
Monday came we couldn’t meet up due to the rains so we rescheduled for Tuesday.

I met with Dolapo and he started by saying he met with his family members and family lawyer and they all accuse him of being stupid that I’m trying to cheat him

Their reasons were:

1. Why was I the one operating his social media pages with him not having access to the page. That how would he know if I was doing something negative with it

2. Why his he allowing me be a signatory to his account if it’s his business. How can he nt have full access to his acct

3. He said his friends in his area keep asking him about the funds raised on his behalf, he keeps saying he it has not gotten to his hand, and they keep telling him he’s a fool that I might just be scamming him.

4. How is he so sure I turned over all the cash I collected on his behalf when I did fund raising for him.

5. Why am I asking for a percentage if I told everyone that I didnt expect him to go viral and that I did it for Good

That why am I the one doing his business name registration, that they are sure I added my name to the business name registration. (Which I did not do, because I was avoiding issues like this)

Only thing I did was used my address on the form because he doesn’t have a business premises yet and it was in the night I did it so I couldn’t call him.

He concluded by saying they told him that they can give me back the money I raised for him if that’s why I am asking for a percentage. He said money isn’t his problem
He said his family members and family lawyer wanted to come with him for the meeting with me.

He told me he wasn’t so surprised that he blew up, that he has always expected it. And that if I noticed all the time we went for tv interviews it’s the same energy he still has now. That he nearly died once & since he didn’t then, he knew Good was keeping him for times like this

He said he knows I am only interested in his business because I know the business will be very successful. I asked him if he has seen anyone who went into business because they want to fail, he kept quiet.

This was my answer to this question of how did I made dolapo shawarma trend, this was during my “StepUp Class” on Sunday

Firstly I opened the social media accounts for Dolapo and I have been operating it ever since, with his permission. Even the declaration of me being his Manager was with his consent.

He didn’t have an Android phone when this whole thing started, I got him one from the funds raised for him when he started culinary school because I felt it would be nice if he can take pictures of dishes he is being taught.

I try to make sure he sends me pictures for his social media page.

We met with @scalemyhustle last week Tuesday. And the reason for the meeting was to: 

1. Talk about how far we have gone with the whole starting of his business and how much we still need
2. Draw out a legal partnership deal between us since I will be his social media manager and also making sure I’m available whenever I am need on ground,

handling business online while he takes care of business offline.

3. Get a business plan done by @scalemyhustle for future purposes

We concluded that after expenses, which includes salary, whatever is left becomes 100%, 50% goes back into the company’s account and the other 50% is split 30/20, which he consented to. I didn’t want salary bases yet because he might not be able to afford it since the business is just starting and 20% can be N2000 today, N10,000 tomorrow, the day after that it can be N4,000.

Dolapo told me this same Sunday that he’s sure that after the 30/20% split I will still end up sharing the 50% in the company with him. I tried to explain to him the 50% is for no one but his company, for expansion.

Assuming he decides to have an outlet in Abuja tomorrow or he wants to get a new shawarma machine, it’s from this 50% he will take from.
And the only reason why I am a signatory to the company’s account for now is because I want to be able to manage the whole process and ensure cash are used for the right reasons.

After a while I realised i can’t make him see differently, I told him I understand if his family are raising eyebrow on all of this, that it’s expected and that if they didn’t it only means they don’t love him, but I honestly want the best for him. I’m only still trying to hang on because I want to ensure everything works out for him.

This was my conversation with the @eximia_ng the guys that worked on his Branding

Here’s me talking to Modupe of @scalemyhustle about progress made so far with details of fund I had raised
Now Dolapo is calling me to ask me to provide bank statement of cash collected on his behalf 

So eventually I sent him his login details to all his social media accounts I created for him for the purpose of his business, because it’s early now that later. But I noticed this today, giving people the wrong impression about me in his DM. That’s why we are here. 

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