Linda Ikeji Reveals How She Got Pregnant by Mistake in New Blog Post

https://realchannelng.com/linda-ikeji-reveals-shocking-details-about-her-baby-daddy-sholaye-jeremi/Celebrity Blogger, Linda Ikeji has since revealed how things went sour between her and her baby daddy, Sholaye Jeremi a private business man.

Linda Ikeji who was lambasted in the past for telling women to be celibate while she got pregnant took to the post to vindicate herself from her actions and also reveal that her pregnancy was not planned.

Read excerpt of that post quoted below – Click Here to read the full post on her failed relationship with her baby daddy. 

Then I fell pregnant. It wasn’t planned, it just happened; though we talked about having a child together just two months before I fell pregnant. He said something about putting a billionaire baby inside me and I remember jokingly telling him that I’m also a billionaire so our child was going to be a billionaire on both side…and we laughed.

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  • This could happen to anyone, at times life doesn’t give us what we planned for. But we have to embrace whatever it throws at us at any given point. Pls you people should stop trolling Linda Ikeji, she’s not the first such will happen to and she definitely won’t be the last for sure.

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