Nigerians on Social Media Bash YCEE for his comment after an artist did a portrait of him

Ycee portraitFollowing the story of a Nigerian artist, Eli Waduba who gained recognition from popular American comedian/actor Kevin Hart after he did a portrait of him, others are encouraged to show off their works for their favourite celebrities too.

In that vein, an artist who did a portrait of Nigerian  singer, YCEE, shared his own drawing with the caption: “A pencil sketch of @iam_YCEE  ..pls help me retweet until he sees it. “

Twitter users tagged YCee to the tweet to get him to buy it the way Kevin Hart did. But, Y Cee wasn’t interested in being forced to buy something he didn’t want to

He replied: “I’m not KELVIN HART.”

Fans, went on to bash YCee, for his choice of words but, the artist tweeted, asking people to stop calling out Y Cee.

He wrote: “@iam_YCEE  is not the richest musician there is nor is he the poorest. I chose to sketch him because I’m his biggest fan. For the fact that he retweeted it is a win for me… Pls stop with all the belittling! Thanks.”

Some comments below;

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