Shocking 2015 Predictions of Facebook User, Paul Ekpo Essien Goes Viral

The social media space have been taken aback after a 2015 post by Facebook user, Paul Ekpo Essien have all come to pass.

Paul predicted that Buhari would defeat Goodluck in the 2015 elections, Fulani Herdsmen killings and… wait for it; he also predicted the postponement and eventual outcome of the 2019 elections, Hmmmm!

Buhari might likely defeat Goodluck in this year’s elections. And if he does, there will be killings by Fulani herdsmen and the Christian community will have crisis. Then Atiku will come up in 2019 and will stand a very good chance of winning. But he will lose. Only if inec cancels the election few hours to go. Then he will win.
Mark this day. I’ve seen this happen.

Too accurate to be true you might say but the post have already amassed a little close to 1k shares on Facebook.

For clout or for real we can’t tell but we know that it is quite easy to change the timestamp of Facebook post.

UPDATE: With the help of avid Facebook users who know their way around the app, we have been able to confirm that it was all a stunt, Paul edited the timestamp of the particular update and played thousands of people. We have a screenshot of his edit history sent to us below;

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