The Benefits of Music with Soccer Practices

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Using music during soccer drills and practices can be surprisingly helpful. Find out why!

  1. Players feel more encouraged:

Pre-practice drills are essential, but players often do not feel the urge to participate in them whole-heartedly. Having music during a drill and workout regimen often encourages players to give more effort into such activities. The entertainment value of music and rhythm helps to lessen the mundaneness of repetitive drills and exercises. Pacing the drills to music helps to add that extra something to the player’s workout because he or she will feel like giving more personal effort into the practice.

2. Helps players to focus:

Sometimes drills and workouts can get boring after a while. Players may begin with a lot of enthusiasm, but they lose interest once the process begins. Even the most professional soccer players have been known to lose interest during drills and practices. As a result, they stop contributing to the player’s talent. Selecting suitable music to be a part of the routine can help players to focus on their drills and workouts and maintain the concentration.

3. Allows continuity and variation:

Introducing music in pre-soccer drills and workouts is not an easy task. The coach must ensure that there are continuity and variation in the songs that he chooses. The benefits of music can be enjoyed if there is consistency in using it for drills and workouts. The same music needs to be played across sessions so that the advantages are enhanced. Once you feel that consistency and continuity have served their purposes, it is time to introduce variation and substitute the musical selections which no longer seem to work.

4. Music works as a timing device:

A coach can base a particular drill on a specific song if he or she wants it to be time-restricted. Players will not have to consult their watches and timing devices frequently because the music will work as a timing device for them. The lengths of songs can be easily found on the Internet. Using songs in the place of timing devices is an effortless process. Music also provides a nice rhythm for the exercise.

5. Promotes music and team cohesion:

Having music in soccer player drills and workouts helps to enhance team cohesion. Without team cohesion, a soccer team can hardly gain success. The process of developing team cohesion and player camaraderie begins way before the players actually get onto the field. The inclusion of music in drills and exercises allows the team to maintain a cohesive environment because it makes them more enjoyable for the entire team. As a result, they bond in a positive and productive manner.

6. There are available resources to help:

Using music in soccer drills and exercises is not a new concept. It has been done before and will continue to be used in the future. A coach does not need to invent the process anew in order to increase the engagement and participation of the soccer players. There are some decent resources available which will allow coaches to incorporate music into drills and workouts.

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