8 Things You Should Never Do on a Monday


It’s the start of a new week and as always the weekend came and ended in a snap” Well you have to move on, there’s no choice to that. If you are betting with bet9ja  you already know that there are things you should never do while staking a bet so in that light and In a bid to ensure that you kick start the week on a super note, we serve you with a list of 8 things we think you should never do on a Monday. It’s not basically restricted to this 8 but am sure you know better. Read below –

Rush –       that’s the start of it all smh” … and so you are faced with the suddenness of the new day and you be like omg it‘s Monday! Yeah we know that happens all the time but relieving ourselves of the pressure and subconsciousness of the fact that we need to rush and perform our task in a haste because it‘s Monday its a plus. Brother chill”¦ Take the day‘s activity steady but don‘t rush except when extremely needed”¦ Rushing to work on a Monday morning, rushing the day‘s tasks also might as well take a huge toll on how your week is going to turn out and you and I know that it can be certainly avoided.

Carrying Over the Weekend   and so you feel that the weekend was so much of a fun that you want to continue, think again! You should get to work and be on deck for accomplishing your goals for the week. It‘s totally not cool to “continue the weekend on a Monday” when you certainly know that you have dreams to catch and goals to accomplish”¦ Do not continue to reminisce start off or probably continue that project and by the end of the week you will be glad you did trust me

Over Think you know what I mean by that don‘t you? Don‘t worry I‘ll explain”¦ You start thinking about how much $$ you spent in the weekend, how much fun you had, how much things went wrong or probably other miscellaneous thoughts roaming around your little head. Stop right there man! You are getting yourself distracted and am sure this will affect your overall productivity at the end of the day. Let those little thoughts be for now you can go about that later but right now you need to get to starting off the week on a bright note.

Panic : Aha! Right from the start you are already panicking, it’s going to be a stressful day, I’ve got lots of things to do, this and that… Shut up already! We all know the pressure this day of the week brings but one task at a time am quite sure today will be bliss for you… Take em calmly and gently and then we just see how it goes 🙂

Not Taking A Break:  Well so you are Mr Workaholic whatever but hey Excuse me you need to take an hour or two or whatever time as demands  from the day and cool off… You need it even when you think you don’t … It increases productivity. All work and no break makes you sick and decreases your productivity for the next day and two. Take a break man!

Procrastinating: there’s still tomorrow, it’s just the start of the week, I’ll do it tomorrow oh boy! get off that we all know that tomorrow never ends… There might still be yet another tomorrow and you might just end up missing out… You can save yourself that little stress by starting now! A stitch in time saves you several other rough patches and that doesn’t look good you know.

House Chores: and so your house is in a mess, did you just remember? and you have to toggle between that and work, plus your daily activities am sorry you just complicated the day all by yourself… I can’t help either.

Failing to Set Priorities :   When you fail to set priorities for a  Monday you certainly do not have any direction for the day and that’s sad to know. You just have to set priorities and perform the most important tasks first. I mean who doesn’t know that… Incase you don’t still it’s not too late to take note of that now…

am done! you can add yours below or keep it to yourself but that’s not cool :-/

Have a blessed Monday!

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