Twitter Gist: Man loses chance at employment for complimenting interviewer

Taiwo-the-interviewerA Nigerian man job seeker has blown his chances of gaining employment at a firm after complimenting the interviewers fragrance.

The interviewer who felt it was appropriate to go public with the incident in order to enlighten prospective job seekers, wrote on Twitter: “I interviewed a guy for a job yesterday and when he was leaving he said to me ‘you smell nice’ and I told him that’s very rude of him, he left looking stupid. A lot of men don’t have manners!!!”

But she was called out by other Twitter users who accused her of not being able to take a compliment. However, there were a number of people who agreed with her and said the job seeker needs to understand boundaries.

She later replied to the criticisms, writing: “If telling someone they smell nice after an interview is what you would say,Good for you…

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