Twitter NG: Story of a Serial Rapist, Asiwaju (Mike Cash)

Asiwaju-rapeA Twitter user, @thatgoddess____ has taken to the platform to share a rape story on behalf of her friend who was the victim.

According to her story, the rape incident happened about two years ago, 14th May, 2017 to be precise. But, the victim (her friend) decided to late it go because she thought she’ll never run into the guy again but then she recently joined Twitter and the guy sent her a direct message (DM) without remembering that it was her.

On putting out the post, other girls who also had similar experiences with the same guy has opened up.

Apparently, he’s Asiwaju and also known as Mike Cash. He owns a furniture business too.

Read the full story as posted by @thatgoddess____:

“Your MCM Rapes girls in his car, Forces them to erase his pictures on their phones and even goes ahead to seize their phones. 

He got scared that he’d get called out and possibly arrested and now he’s deactivated his account and put his IG page on private.

He won’t run too far🙃”

“Please, I can’t call anybody out just yet without having enough evidence against them. We all know how you people are on this app . So, spare me, please.

All I know is this incident happened on the 14th May, 2017.”

“But when I do gather enough evidence, he’s definitely going to pay.

I’m not hiding his identity to protect him. I have no reason at all to do that. I honestly don’t even want to but given the circumstances, I have to . 🙂”

“The victim let this incident go at the time because she thought she’d never run into him again and it was something she wanted to put behind her.

She joined twitter recently and guess who sends her a dm? The serial rapist. Acting all brand new, he didn’t even remember her.”

“Apparently, I was right about him being a serial rapist. He’s done this to other people. I have receipts now , I’ll be dropping them soon . 🙂”

“Guys, his name his Michael Asiwaju. Some people refer to him as “Mike cash”
His twitter handle was @Asiwaju_limited but he already deactivated. His IG is Asiwaju_royale. He owns a furniture business and he shuffles between Abuja and Lagos .

Beware of this serial rapist.

A lady sent me a dm this afternoon and narrated her experience with him.

This guy is a SERIAL RAPIST”

This is the conversation she had with him after it happened. The only reason why she kept talking to him was because she was hurt and she was looking for ways to lure him in and hurt him back”

This same “gang rape” talk is the same thing he threatened my friend with before he raped her and even threatened to kill her. He raped her and then left her there at around 1-2am in the middle of nowhere !

Another person sent me this.”

“Calling this guy an animal is now an insult to animals . I can’t” 

Guyyyysssss, this nigga has unblocked my friend (the victim) and has been calling and begging incessantly. Talmbout, he’s been on the move since the story broke and his mother is sick and dying and he wants to commit Suicide.”

Please Note: This is a trending story on Twitter, we can’t necessary confirm or deny the authenticity of this, but be sure we’ll keep you posted on any latest development.

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