Who Is The Funniest Comedian In Nigeria? Twitter NG Calls the Shot

Popular opinion on microblogging platform, Twitter has named Bovi as the funniest comedian in Nigerian.

Reactions were sparked after a Twitter user started a thread asking followers to choose a show to attend if the best of Nigerian comedians, Basket Mouth, Bovi, Ali Baba and AY hosted their various comedy shows on the same day.

It’s nothing serious by the way but most of the opinions chose  Bovi which only goes to show that he is the funniest comedian in the country according to the opinions.

Below are some of the reactions we gathered: –

@__Jessie_O: AY and Alibaba are more of businessmen than comedians but Bovi is legit crazy abeg

@queenkayzee: Alibaba is that Uncle everyone loves because everything he says is funny. Basket mouth and Bovi are your hilarious cousins.  A simple conversation between them would make you roll on the floor. And AY… He’s the one who invited your uncle and your cousins.

@pryme_suspekt: Bovi doesn’t need to tell a joke before I laugh, I see him on stage just holding the mic and I start laughing. Mans funny asf

@dapoesq: It’s a tough one btw Bovi and Basket, but I’ll go for Bovi Cos he doesn’t even have to say a word before you start laughing

@Debbybruno3: Bovi is on another level, please.

@_jagzb: The picture you posted of Bovi is funny…Bovi anytime any day

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